How to Enjoy Mother’s Day as a Stepmom

Mother’s Day is coming up, and while this should be a beautiful day, it can be a difficult day for many different reasons. If you’ve lost your mother, or if you can’t become a mother, it may be a day of heartache for you. As a stepmom, your family might not recognize you at all, whether they forget or choose to ignore you. You might not even want to celebrate because you have a strained relationship. With this in mind, here are three suggestions on how you can enjoy Mother’s Day as a stepmom.

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1. Focus on your own mother or someone in your life who is a mom-like figure.

I celebrate my mom every year, but this year I wanted to work on a special project especially for my mom. I got a book called Letters to My Mom, which has 12 letters inside with different prompts. Each day, I would write one or two letters to my mom. It brought up so many good memories as I was writing in it! If you have lost your mom, you can still write letters to her. Thinking of those special memories will help you in your grieving process. Or you can write letters or work on a project for another important woman in your life, such as your favorite aunt or your sister.

2. Communicate your wishes to your partner.

If you have younger stepchildren, don’t expect your stepchildren to make a card or get a gift for you. Instead, let your partner know how you would like to celebrate, and what you would like them to do. Your partner should set an example and lead the children. When I first got married, I thought I shouldn’t have to tell my husband what to do for me. He should just know, and he should do it. Of course, when he didn’t do what I wanted, I felt disappointed. I soon realized that I had set unrealistic expectations. Both of us were much happier when I told him, “Get flowers and a cupcake for me. I would also like a card and please have everyone sign it.”

3. Celebrate being a Dog Mom or a Cat Mom.

National Dog Mom’s Day is the day before Mother’s Day, so if you prefer to celebrate being a Dog Mom, do that! Being a dog mom has helped me in my stepmom role, so I take advantage of any opportunity to celebrate. Full disclosure: I always tell my husband to buy a card for me from Romeo and Garfunkel, our pets. Last year I may have picked the card out for myself and told my husband to give to me on Mother’s Day. There are no rules, so celebrate in whatever way makes you feel comfortable.

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Above all, whether you know it or not, what you do makes a difference. Normally, I have a Mother’s Day project where I make and send cards to stepmoms. However, this year I decided to do things differently due to the pandemic. You can enjoy some of the images from previous years below. However you decide to celebrate Mother’s Day, I hope you know how special you are.

Mother's Day card
Mother's Day card
Mother's Day cards for Stepmoms