Top 3 Books for Stepmom Support

Stepmoms often ask me about my recommendations for the best books for stepmom support. My first reaction is to tell them I think it’s great that they are reaching out and being proactive about finding support. It’s better to start looking for resources in the beginning instead of waiting until you’re really struggling. Regardless, one of the best things you can do is approach your stepmom role as a learning opportunity. If you are willing to learn about stepfamily dynamics and the stepmom role from experts, you will be better equipped to navigate your role. Of course, I recommend my own books, but I also like to recommend these 3 books for stepmom support:

The Happy Stepmother by Rachelle Katz

If you’re frustrated and overwhelmed with your stepmom role, you’ll benefit from Katz’s 10 steps to a fulfilling new life. Katz offers practical techniques and strategies based on research, her experience as a psychotherapist, and her personal experience as a stepmom. The Happy Stepmother will empower you to thrive in your new family by helping you to bond with your family, set clear boundaries, and communicate directly.

The Happy Stepmother book cover

The Happy Stepcouple by Rachelle Katz

Your relationship with your partner is so important because it forms the foundation for your stepfamily. If you’re serious about strengthening your stepcouple relationship, then The Happy Stepcouple is the book for you!

The Happy Stepcouple book cover, a great resource for stepmom support

Stepparenting: Keeping it Sane by Dr. Charles Fay

This book has so many good tips for how to apply the Love and Logic approach to your stepparenting role. One example is using “enforceable statements.” With enforceable statements, you avoid telling people what to do. Instead, you describe what you are willing to do. “I wash clothes that are put in the laundry basket.” In Stepparenting: Keeping it Sane, you’ll find tons of techniques and strategies like this that you can start utilizing in your stepmom role.

Stepparenting: Keeping it Sane, a resource for stepmom support

Of course, stepmom support and resources comes in many different forms. I also recommend StepMom Magazine for overall stepmom support. StepMom Magazine releases monthly digital issues on a variety of timely topics for stepmoms. In addition, The Stepmom Project is here to support you. Our goal is to educate and empower stepmoms through coaching, workshops, and books. By educating yourself, you are investing time and effort into not only your own well-being, but also the well-being of your family. To me and to countless other stepmoms, this is a worthy investment.