Mother’s Day Project for Stepmoms

Mother’s Day can be bittersweet for stepmoms.  Will we be acknowledged on Mother’s Day? Will our stepchild and/or spouse give us a card or let us know that they appreciate us?  As we all know, Mother’s Day can be a beautiful day where we spend time with our loved ones, or it can be an awkward and painful day if we’re ignored or forgotten.  As stepmoms, we have no desire to replace our stepchild’s mom, but we still want to feel special on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day Quote

Spread Love on Mother’s Day 

With this in mind, my stepdaughter and I would like to send a Mother’s Day card to you!  We love to do crafts together, so we decided to make handmade cards for stepmothers all over the world. We will send a handmade card to each person who fills out a form with their name and address. If you’re a stepmom, fill out the form for yourself. If you know a stepmom, fill out the form for her. We’ll let her know how special she is!  We won’t retain personal information after we send out the cards. We’d simply like to spread the love and make stepmothers feel special.

UPDATE:  We have taken the form down for this year. Thank you to all of you who filled out the form, and we hope that you enjoy your Mother’s Day card!  We had a lot of fun making them and made some good memories.  You’ll see our special assistant below. 

cat assistant
Garfunkel was our faithful assistant.