Visualization: 60 Seconds a Day to a Better Stepfamily Life

You’ve probably heard the old adage the more energy and focus you give something, the more it grows. That’s the basic concept behind visualization or imagery. Visualization is a mental training strategy or tool in which you generate a mental picture to achieve an outcome. In fact, studies show that visualization can increase motivation, increase confidence levels, and improve performance.

There are different types of visualization techniques. We use some in everyday life, such as when we visualize our performance before giving a presentation. Others are used in cognitive behavioral therapy to help people reduce anxiety or find motivation. Athletes consistently use visualization to improve their athletic performance. We can also apply this technique to our stepfamily life to visualize an intended outcome or to rehearse a scenario. Visualization can give us a means of control in a situation that we may feel is otherwise uncontrollable.

60 Seconds a Day: How to Use Visualization in Your Stepfamily Life

1. Choose a mental barrier you would like to overcome or a goal you would like to achieve within your stepfamily.

Some examples of typical barriers in stepfamilies are:

  • feeling stressed out on transition days
  • getting upset when clothes aren’t sent back between households
  • getting triggered when the custody schedule changes

Some examples of common goals in stepfamilies are:

  • better communication between spouses
  • stronger connections with stepfamily members
  • healthier relationships within the stepfamily

2. Set aside 60 seconds a day to visualize yourself overcoming that barrier or achieving that goal. In addition to visualizing, you can also write or talk about what you want to achieve. If you want a concrete visual reminder, you can create a vision board.

By making a small investment of 60 seconds a day, you will give energy to what you want to overcome or achieve. As author David Schwartz said, “Look at things not as they are but as they can be. Visualization adds value to everything. A bigger thinker always visualizes what can be done in the future.”

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About the Author

Elizabeth Mosaidis is a Certified Resilience Professional through the Trauma Institute International. She is also a Stepfamily Foundation Certified Coach and an author. Her books are available here.

Certified Resilience Professional