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The Maxx You Project

I was one of 98 women across the United States selected to take part in an incredible Maxx You Project Changing Room Experience through T.J. Maxx. The project is all about embracing change and supporting others through change. In my essay submission, I wrote about the changes I went through when I got married and became a stepmom. Even though these were positive changes, they were quite a bit to navigate. However, these changes allowed me to find my passion, which is helping other stepmoms and stepfamilies. While I love this work, I’ve also found that I am always creating and doing. I don’t take a lot of time to relax and turn my brain off. And when I do, I feel guilty!

During the Changing Room Experience, I talked about these changes with life coach and wellness entrepreneur, Danika Brysha. Danika shared some concrete steps I can take to slow down and be present in the moment.

Danika Brysha

The experience also included a styling consultation with beauty entrepreneur, stylist, and author, Africa Miranda. Before the consultation, I filled out a survey about my style, wardrobe, and sizes. One of the questions asked me to name a woman’s style who I admire. I had to think about that question for a while, but I selected Kate Middleton. Africa picked out the best pieces for me based on that survey! I mentioned that I would like to wear more dresses, so she picked a variety of dresses for me to try. (One of them was especially Kate Middleton-esque!) Africa also selected pieces that I may not have picked for myself, but they really suited me!

Africa Miranda

This experience was an uplifting one that celebrated the changes we go through both inside and out. Through Danika and Africa, I gained a new perspective and a style refresh. The perfect way to sum up this experience is with one of my favorite quotes by Robert Ingersoll: “We rise by lifting others.”