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8 Ways to Celebrate National Stepfamily Day in 2023

“Families are like fudge -mostly sweet, with a few nuts.”-Les Dawson

National Stepfamily Day is a nationally and an internationally recognized holiday that is celebrated on September 16th each year. It’s a time for stepfamilies to get together and celebrate being part of a stepfamily. Christy Tusing-Borgeld is the founder of National Stepfamily Day and you can read the inspiring story of how she started it HERE. This year, National Stepfamily Day falls on a Saturday, so get ready to celebrate this special day over the weekend.

8 Ways to Celebrate National Stepfamily Day:

  1. Have a family picnic. Enjoy the outdoors and have a picnic. You can even get a fun picnic basket for the occasion!
  2. Try cookie decorating. Cookie, cupcake, or cake decorating is a fun side-by-side activity that is perfect for the whole family. Plus, you can enjoy all of the goodies that you decorate!
  3. Go on a bike ride. Go on a bike ride around your neighborhood or load your bikes up and check out a new trail. You can even get bike lights and go at night for a real adventure.
  4. Play board games. Scrabble, Monopoly, or Clue, anyone?!
  5. Go out for ice cream or a boba tea. You don’t have to do anything too elaborate- just enjoy having a treat with each other.
  6. Play a sport together. Frisbee, sand volleyball, softball… Get everyone together and have some fun! Miniature golfing is also a fun, low-key activity.
  7. Rent a pedal boat or a kayak. Check local lakes or parks to see if they have pedal boats or kayaks available to rent. Get out on the water and cool off!
  8. Enjoy fall activities together. Find a sunflower field, go apple-picking, or visit a pumpkin farm. Make the most of the fall season!
Visiting a sunflower farm on National Stepfamily Day
Sunflower Festival, Nelson Produce Farm

About the Author

Elizabeth Mosaidis is a Certified Resilience Professional through the Trauma Institute International. She is also a Stepfamily Foundation Certified Coach and an author. Her books are available here.

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