Stepmom Stories: Rhea Blasko

Meet Rhea Blasko Interior Designer/Antique Dealer/Owner of Opal Interiors LLC What is your story? How did you become a stepmom? Jake and my cousin, Paul, have been best friends since high school, and after college they ended up living in Arizona. Every year, Paul came home for Popcorn Fest and one year he talked Jake

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The Stepmom Project Workshop Series

OCTOBER WORKSHOP SERIES This 3-session program will provide three things every stepmom needs: knowledge, strategies, and support for navigating your stepmother role.  Topics include: stepfamily dynamics, discipline, and effective communication strategies.  Space is limited to six participants.  Presented by Elizabeth Mosaidis, Stepfamily Foundation Certified Coach and the author of The Stepmom Project. Dates: Wednesdays October

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